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Who we are

Passion for food retail

Today, Vitaseege is a sales and marketing company with a solid history, supplying products extensively to retailers and wholesalers. The professional Vitaseege team consists of dedicated and experienced professionals who excel in achieving the best possible results in product management, sales, and marketing of frozen, chilled and ambient food products as well as cosmetics.

Vitaseege product portfolio consists of several well-known international and Finnish brands that appeal to the retailers and consumers.

team at vitaseege finland

Our philosophy

At Vitaseege we have a philosophy that guides us through everything we do. The philosophy can be summarized in six words that combined form how we do work and see things as a team and with our customers.


Business starts and ends with relationships. In Finland we are a small team of six people working closely together with our customers.


We have a deep passion for grocery retail and everything it entails. Which has also taught us how to do it right.


In order to be successful you need to surround yourself with the right people. Our small team in Finland loves to share our experiences and knowledge with others.


We do not operate like large companies where the processes are long and slow. To follow the market you need to be agile.

Hungry for more

At Vitaseege we are always hungry for more knowledge and the more experience we get in the grocery retail market the more we want to know.


By following our philosophy we can make work more fun and lite to the better.

Story behind Vitaseege

The story of Vitaseege started in 1973 when the Seege brothers set up a company called Oy Seege Ab. The initial idea was to introduce new distinctive products to the Finnish market. Vitaseege has had signifigant impact on introducing many notable brands to the Finnish consumers.

In 2003, Seege set up a sales and marketing subsidiary called Vitaseege Oy Ab in order to provide even more diverse services to its principals around the world, to work with an ever wider range of products, and to offer a more attractive product range to its customers and consumers.

Meet our team

Tanja Viskari

Tanja Viskari

Sales & Operations

Tom Fagerlund

Tom Fagerlund

Business Development

Robin Seege

Robin Seege

Strategy & Marketing

Antero Isaksson

Antero Isaksson

Logistics & Administration

Arja Suomalainen

Arja Suomalainen

Purchasing & Administration

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