How we help your brand grow

We will serve as your local partner in the Finnish market. We provide the full circle with logistics, administration, multi-channel sales, marketing and economics.

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What we offer

Launching a product in a new market requires more than just knowledge and numbers. It requires a companion. We are an agile team of professionals that all share the same vision, to be the best partner to your brand.

The distributer

We function as your local subsidiary in Finland. Our local team will handle your business locally in the Finnish market.

The sales partner

As your sales partner we will handle all the daily operations in Finland covering grocery retail, convenience, food service, E-commerce, pharmacies and cosmetic retailers.

The hybrid

An offer few can resist. You get a tailored solution according to your brand’s goals and objectives. You get an extensive analysis of the Finnish market including pricing, segments and consumer behavior etc.

vitaseege your local expert

Your local expert

In Finland we will act as your local key account manager handling all communication with retailers and customers. We will handle everything from listings and negotiations assortment planning to strategic customer development.

In addition we also have a committed sales force ready at bay.

Your very own Finnish sales force

We offer a sales force that covers the whole south of Finland. The sales strategy is closely planned with you in accordance with your brand’s goals and objectives.


Our sales force has extensive experience and knowledge of the Finnish market.


We offer flexibility in our sales strategy according to your brand’s needs and wants.


We work closely with all the grocery retailers in Finland.

In store

In store we provide sampling, displays, trade promotion and recipes to customers.


Reporting and reviewing are essential parts of our everyday work in order to find the best solutions forward.

The right marketing tools for your brand

No matter the size of your brand we have the right marketing solution for you. So sit back and relax, we will handle everything for you. In accordance with your brands needs we will provide you with a strategic plan including adaptations, translations, local brand strategy, press-releases and hands-on executions of on and offline marketing campaigns. Furthermore we also provide full service when it comes to Instagram co-labs, sampling or billboards. At Vitaseege we see all brands that we work with as our own and we will work relentlessly to help your brand grow in the market.

We take care of everything

We will help you with everything from start to finish depending on your brand’s needs. Our team will make sure that your goods reach the wholesaler in an efficient and cost effective manner. If needed we also have a fully automated warehouse where your products are more than welcome to store until it goes out for transportation to wholesalers. If quick transportation is required we can tailor the transportation so that the products goes directly to the wholesalers.



We will handle that too!

Any type of sales requires some kind of administration and that is why it is accompanied in all our offers. With our deep understanding of the Finnish market and our extensive experience in the food retail industry we are confident that we have what it takes to launch your brand successfully in the market.

Let’s work together

Who we are and what we do

Trusted partner of retailers and out-of-home food service providers in Finland.

Offering FMCG suppliers easy access to all Finnish distribution channels.

Have the know-how required to sell products in all temperatures and product categories to both retailers and wholesalers.

Specialized in product commercialisation and supply chain management, covering functions ranging from sales forecasting to consumer communications.

Able to provide a service package tailored to you based on the demands of your business.

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